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Garment Recycling before the Lunar New Year

20th Jan 2017
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Garment Recycling before the Lunar New Year


Lunar New Year falls on 28th January in 2017. There is the tradition of having a complete cleaning and get rid of the old and seldom-used stuff in the house, which signifies to sweep away of bad luck and welcome the New Year. Clearing out wardrobe does not mean that you have to send the old clothes to the landfill. It is the ideal time to contribute for recycling. Items that you no longer wear may be perfect for someone else.


A number of fashion chains have set up garment collection boxes in their stores. Old clothes will be sorted into three categories: rewear, reuse, and recycle. Some of the brands will provide discount to those who support their garment collection programme. The following brands offer garment collecting at any of theirs stores:



Bring unwanted clothes and textiles to the cashier to get 10% off one item.



Recycle clothes at the store and get a 10% discount coupon for your next purchase.


Marks & Spencer

Drop unwanted clothes in the collection box and receive a coupon at the cashier.



Be aware that they only accept used UNIQLO clothing. The collected items will be deliver to refugees, homeless people and victims of natural disasters. 


These recycling campaigns run throughout the year. Give away unwanted clothing to help those in need.

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