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Tree Top Cottage Open Day

18th Aug 2016
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Tree Top Cottage Open Day

Situated in a village of Tai Po, Tree Top Cottage is a recreation centre renowned for its tree house built on a 90-year-old tree. Tree Top Cottage was founded in 1992, which offers peaceful countryside and adventure activities for those escaping from the urban sprawl and concrete jungle.


Usually, the Cottage is only available for groups for 20 or above with prior appointment requested at least one month before. However, visitors may experience the fun of swinging through the trees on the Tree Top Cottage Open Day on 28th August 2016. No reservations needed, all you need to do is to purchase an admission ticket which costs HKD40. A total of 600 tickets are sold on first-come-first served basis. So do come early to make sure you get a spot!


The main feature of the Cottage must be the 8 metres high wooden treehouse which could accommodate 10 people. Put on the climbing belt and follow guidance provided by staff, visitors will reach the treehouse where they can look far over the mountainous hill of Ma On Shan. Think it is exciting enough? The most challenging part comes afterwards when you try to get back to the ground. Visitor needs to grab the pole next to the tree and slide down like a fireman! For fearless people who expect more thrilling games, rope flying would be your choice. You will whizzing down the rope and fly across a fish pond.


There are a list of adventurous activities and environment workshop. The value of game voucher ranges from HKD25 to HKD45 each. All the activities are suitable for age of 3 or above. Have a fabulous day out of fun with friends in the rural area you haven’t experienced in Hong Kong!


Tree Top Cottage Open Day 2016

Date: 28th August 2016 (Sunday)

Time: 10:30am to 4:30pm

Venue: 26A2 San Tong Ha Village, Lam Tsuen Tai Po, New Territories

Tel: 2658 2618

Direction: Catch the bus route 64K at Tai Po Market MTR Station and get off at San Tong

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