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Smurf-themed desserts in Habour City

13th Jul 2016
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Smurf is coming to town this summer! You will find the signature combination of white and blue presented in the dessert places in Harbour City. There are six smurf-themed desserts that a smurf fan must never miss.


1.      Hanbing

The Mushroom Village ($85) is made by greentea shaved ice and oreo crumbs. On top of it are the mushroom-like meringues that make it colorful and tempting. The smurf special drink ($35) is flavored with ramune and whipped cream. Pop rocks are also put on top to add explosive effect to the drink.


2.      Niji Bistro

A cocktail and a mocktail are exclusively designed by Niji Bistro for all the smurf fans. They are called Floating on beach ($78) and The Blue Danube ($68). The tall whipped cream is actually the hat of smurf! They taste refreshing!


3.      Homie Cookie
The cute Baker Smurf Cookie ($25/pc) is decorated by the white and blue M&M’s chocolate and marshmallow. Having separate package, these delicate cookies are the first-choice gift to your friends.


4.      LE CAFÉ de Joël Robuchon
How can you miss the lovely macaron when you are talking about dessert? The 4-flavored assorted macarons ($280) are printed with the smurf family. The collection of flavor includes vanilla, pineapple, strawberry and mango which are so fresh and delicious.


5.      Three on Canto
If one piece of dessert is not enough for you, why not having a high tea set with everything that you want to try? The Smurf’s Fantasy High Tea Set ($488/2people) comes with different sweet things such as blueberry mousse cake, cupcake and muffin.


6.      add@Prince
Blueberry mousse cake, cupcake and muffin are offered during lunch and dinner buffet. They all look so distinctively cute that you will not want to swallow them!


Smurf-themed desserts in Habour City

Date: 13 July 2016 – 21 August 2016

Venue: Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

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