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Chinese Opera Festival

17th Jun 2013
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In this year’s Chinese Opera Festival, we have prepared eight productions from the ‘civil’ and the ‘military’ repertories that would highlight ‘acting’ and ‘martial arts’ in Chinese opera, at the same time demonstrating the vitality of this age-old art form.

During the Festival, there will be the usual variety of extension activities, such as theme talks, Chinese opera film screenings, guided appreciation sessions, talks given by artists on their art, exhibitions etc.. A symposium on the vocal styles of Chinese traditional theatre will be held, with academics in the field on the Mainland and stars in local Cantonese Opera being invited to share their practical stage experience, views and research findings with all those participating. There will also be a special feature, a talk series entitled Reminiscences – The Predecessors of Cantonese Opera, as a tribute to five seasoned artists and academics who have contributed tremendously to the local Cantonese Opera art scene.

Date:19 June - 28 July 2013
Time:2:30pm & 7:30pm
Venue:Various venues

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