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M+ Rover

11th May 2016
M+ Rover

Having the appearance of car trailer, M+ Rover is a travelling creative studio which shuttles between schools and communities. Converted from trailer and container, artist Kacey Wong transformed the vehicle into a spaceship-like pop-up space from exhibitions and workshop.


M+ Rover aims to redefine public art and establish an unconventional form of art. Starting from 2016, M+ Rover will collaborate with two creative practitioners every year to bring participatory workshops to students and public. Participants contribute and add new features to the exhibition framework set by artist, which eventually turn M+ Rover to an interactive and evolving exhibition.


The first pop-up exhibition was led by artist Tang Kwok Hin. An installation named Look at you was themed around Cantonese slangs. Audience were encouraged to reflect on how language frames their prospective and habits through examining slangs in their daily life.


From 7th May till 16th July, photographer Siu Wai Hang brings his photo installation Disappearing Over the Decades to the public. M+ Rover is in search of items which have high risk to disappear in 50 years. Participants are then prompted to discuss about what would be the future artefacts of Hong Kong. The message of irreversibility of disappearance is thus conveyed to participants.


If you are interested in participating one of the workshops, you may see below the date and venue of community sessions:


Artist: Siu Wai Hang

Time: 10am to 5pm



May 21

Kowloon Park (near the entrance of Haiphong Road)

June 4-5

Central Harbourfront Event Space

June 18

Tsuen Wan Park Central Plaza

June 25

Tin Shui Wai Tin Sau Road Park (near basketball courts)

July 9

Victoria Park (near the entrance of swimming pool)

July 16

Victoria Park (near the entrance of swimming pool)

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