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Glassy Avenue at Starlight Garden

28th Dec 2015
Glassy Avenue at Starlight Garden

The landmark in Shatin, the Shatin New Town Plaza, has built their terrace on 7th floor become the “Glassy Avenue at Starlight Garden”. It becomes a worth going venue during this holiday.

The shopping plaza invites the famous American glass crafter, James Hayes; Taiwanese glass artist, Joy Huang and Hong Konger glass artist, Wong Kwok Chung and Alice Cheng cooperating to build this fully handmade starlight garden. They made over ten thousands of masterpieces of glass installation in a 18,000sq. ft. large of glassy flowers garden. With the garnishing with sunlight at day time or coloured light at light. It is a gorgeous picture and full of romantic.

4 artists will show off their skills at the garden consecutive 34 days on a routine basis. The plaza also arranged the students from Visual Arts School, The Baptist University Hong Kong to be your guild in this excellent art and explain the aesthetic and production of glassy art.

A glass workshop is also available at the place to let you experience to be one of the artists!

After that, enjoy your shopping and delicacies in the 2million sq.ft. shopping mall to round up your day!

Photo credited to New Monday

Date:     Until 15th January 2016
Time:     12:00noon to 10:00pm
Venue: 7th Floor, Phrase 1, New Town Plaza, Shatin (Shatin MTR station, exit A3)
Fee:       Free of charge

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